Relaxed Body

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simply lay down and listen 


digital & live sound experiences for individuals, groups and corporations 

plus trainings and scenic retreats for complete sensory immersion


Feel a deep desire to evolve your path?

Cosmically curious, music lovers, men, women, LBTQ are invited

to release stress, enhance your intuition

and grow your inner connection 

simply by

laying down and listening. 

For thousands of years sound has been used as a meditative tool. The healing sound waves of these instruments  penetrate every cell in our body and naturally slow down your brainwaves through a scientific process called "entrainment" to Alpha (relaxed) , Theta (meditative),

and Delta (deep sleep) brainwave states. 

When our mind and body are harmonized, we easily experience clarity,

renewed creativity, inner tranquility, and freedom from strain

sound healing benefits

Experience deep rest, inner tranquility, and renewal

Metabolize and integrate emotional stress

Create a higher quality sleep and 

reduce insomnia

Receive flash insight

and a creativity boost

Reduce stress and release physical tension.

Revitalize and soothe the nervous system

Meditative states boost natural opiates & reduce depression


Be our honored guest.

Sip warm tea.

Connect with like-minded peeps

with cosmically inspired, thoughtfully designed workshops.


Create a solid foundation through   Western neuroscience and

Eastern energetics, 

with lots of hands on practice.


Invite your team to an

inclusive, sober alternative for introverts and extroverts alike. 

Completely UNPLUG and explore 

mental and physical rest together.


We've got you covered.


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sound meditation retreats

devote an entire day to self-nourishment

Complete sensory immersion with soundscapes specific to astrological influences and the season.


Wow. I have a chronic pain issue that has prevented me from sleeping well for the past 25 years. I went to a sound bath on a whim and had the best night sleep of my entire night.

Who knew? 

E.M. - Teacher, San Francisco

For the past seven years, I've suffered from a chronic shoulder injury with radiating pain down my left arm constantly all day and all night. I went to a sound bath and felt my entire shoulder relax and release completely.  I was pain free for 3 weeks which is

a miracle in my book.

K.P. -  Engineer, Berkeley

The Sound Bath session was an incredible journey that literally

led to a clear, quiet space.

I was highly aware of everything yet unburdened by everyday worries.

I felt light and energized.

T. N. R. - Visual Facilitator, El Cerrito

Whenever I am at Melissa's sound bath the entire experience feels like a gentle glide, like pushing a boat into calm water. There is no effort to receive this softness. That is the feeling I feel the entire time. Melissa creates a deliberate slowness and spaciousness in the journey that enhances my own ability to slow down and listen. 

I just want more.

T.J. - Software Designer, Alameda

I am a bulldozer when it comes to self care situations, I take in all the things: acupuncture, talk therapy, TRE, massage, etc. And what I love most is how sound takes nothing from you.  

All these other forms of therapy take energy from you, while

sound only gives you more.


A.W. - Tech Activist, Berkeley


As someone who can't sit still for more than two minutes, I was shocked to find that with the sound healing and Melissa's expertise, guidance, and soothing voice I meditated for thirty whole minutes with ease.  One second I was in the room the next I was deep in myself and just stayed there. 

L.M. - Writer, San Leandro